Care instructions



Clean with warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft cloth.



To protect from oxidation, store in an airtight container OR wear the piece often. The oils from your skin along with the normal friction from wear will keep oxidation at bay. Clean with warm soapy water and pat dry.


Leather & Suede

To protect from possible future marks you may spray your bag with a protective leather/suede spray.

Every so often massage your leather (never suede) with a rich leather conditioner to keep it supple and looking nice. Suede nap can be kept up with a suede brush.

I am of the mind that surface scuffs and marks make the piece uniquely yours and build into a rich patina over time. If/When you get a mark, don’t sweat it, just keep going!

For stain removal I recommend going to a professional leather cleaner (many dry-cleaners offer this service). However, I like the look of spots and scratches, I think it marks the piece as yours.
Of course, I recommend keeping leather away from water.
Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, I welcome international orders.
Please note duties and customs fees are the responsibility of the package recipient.